Klausing Customer Testimonials


"Our campus looks great."

R.W., Versailles (Campus)

"I can't tell you how great you are. I mean, I just think of an issue, and it's as if you guys appear out of nowhere to fix it. Our owner was here the other day and told us how great it looks."

H.G., Lexington (Hospitality)

"I am extremely satisfied. I couldn't have hand-picked a better company."

J.M., Lexington (Office)

"I am getting complaints from other properties, but none from Klausing Group [properties]."

R.C., Lexington (Retail)

"Our hotel parking lots were kept clear and safe even during the ice storm. Our parking lots were the best I saw during the storm."

C.B., Lexington (Hospitality)

"I can drive around town and recognize immediately a property that you service. You have signature work. Klausing Group is primo in my book."

T.B., Lexington (Office)