The 8 Top Snow Removal Questions We're Asked Every Year

Luke Tedder on Dec 19, 2017 9:30:00 AM

If you manage commercial or industrial property or run a business, you know the impact snow and ice can have on your efficiency, reputation, and ROI. It’s important to find a snow contractor you can trust to safely and efficiently clear your property in a timely manner. But how can you know in advance whether a snow removal contractor is the best one for you?

The answer is, you can’t—unless you ask.  At Klausing Group, we always welcome questions about our services. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right questions on the spot. To help make sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision, we thought we’d compile our most frequently asked snow removal FAQ’s, along with our answers to them. Here they are!

Lexington and Louisville Snow Removal FAQ’s

shovel in snow-420653-edited.jpg1. “What time do you normally start rendering snow services?”

As you can imagine, as a landscaping company we always have our eye on the weather. Any forecast of potential snow or winter precipitation signals our account managers to start scouting the properties we service to anticipate what equipment and product (if any) will be needed, and to make certain our crews are dispatched at the correct time and in the correct manner to ensure safe conditions during business hours.

All winter events are different in timing and scope; however we require our crew persons to report within one hour of dispatch. This ensures that our customers receive the service they need when they need it, so you can rest assured your lot will be cleared before your doors open.  

2. “Will someone from our site need to make contact with KG before they respond to an event?”

Not unless you have specific requests for that event. Once we’ve agreed to a seasonal snow contract, the ball is in our court. Well before an event occurs, our account managers will meet with you to discuss client exceptions and the specific snow removal needs of your site(s). This helps ensure that we will react to each event in accordance with your needs and expectations. Account managers will also be in contact with each site manager during events if needed.

3. “How will you keep up with the snow at a facility that operates 24/7?”

Serving a facility that runs around the clock requires a slightly different approach, which varies according to the type of site. Larger production, manufacturing, or commercial facilities are usually best served with onsite equipment and material storage when possible. For a smaller site that will not allow for onsite storage, we employ scouting and pre-treatment measures, as well as monitoring during the event to ensure seamless operations and service delivery.

4. “Do you scout/monitor our site before, during and after events?”

Yes. Scouting and monitoring are an integral part of our procedure, and help ensure timely service as well as efficient use of labor and product. We also keep comprehensive weather logs of site conditions during each of our visits.

5. Does your staff participate in continued training and education events of industry best practices?

Yes. We include 65+ hours per year of training and education as part of our employee benefit package at Klausing Group. This includes training in snow removal best practices for employees involved in these activities.

6. “Are all snow removal services done in-house? If not, how are subcontractors vetted?”

From time to time, Klausing Group does employ subcontractors to ensure timely fulfillment of services for all our clients. Just as we do our employees, we hold our subcontractors to the strictest standards. All subcontractors are screened by our production managers and must meet Klausing Group insurance requirements before qualifying to be a sub. Also, we may require additional screening such as drug or background checks, depending on the site to which the sub is assigned.

snow and ice

7. “What steps does Klausing Group take to ensure adequate labor throughout each season?”

To ensure that labor needs are met throughout the snow season,  Klausing Group employs the following practices:

  • Return bonuses for seasonal Klausing Group employees who are called in for snow
  • Wage increase to time-and-a-half for all hourly employees participating in snow events
  • Recruiting additional equipment operators and sidewalk teams through various social media and employment platforms
  • Continued training of our staff.

8. “Will you use rock salt on our sidewalks?”

No. Straight bulk rock salt will cause pitting of the concrete and hasten the deterioration of your paved surfaces. It is also highly corrosive to cars and equipment, and is a poor choice for the environment. Klausing Group will only use concrete-safe products such as Know Ice Melt or Morton's Pro Grade deicer (a potassium/sodium chloride blend) to reduce damage to the applied surface.

Got More Snow Removal Questions?

Bring them on! We love to answer questions. To speak with one of our Lexington or Louisville snow removal experts, contact us here.

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