Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Services

When winter weather brings snow and ice, what’s your plan?

Winter in central Kentucky can be unpredictable, and we’re experiencing more snow and ice events than before. As a property manager, you’re responsible for safety on your grounds. Snow and ice are a real liability, with slip-and-fall lawsuits, vehicle accidents and lost revenue as a result.  

Be prepared. Partner with a professional snow and ice management contractor that has the proper equipment, trained crewmembers and quality materials to keep your property safe and clear this winter.

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Snow & Ice Management Services

Klausing Group partners with facility managers like you to develop site-specific snow and ice removal programs. We consider your budget, property liabilities and urgency. We provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure immediate response during storms. Our snow division provides:

  • Snow clearing
  • Application of ice melt products
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • 24/7 weather and site monitoring
  • Weather records

Plan Ahead for Winter Weather

Klausing Group’s snow and ice management services are scalable to suit your property’s demands. We are equipped to provide around-the-clock service to industrial sites, office parks, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and other public properties that value the health and safety.

We ensure that your property gains these important service benefits:

  • Deicing Products. We select appropriate de-icing materials to minimize damage to your paving and landscape while maximizing ice melting results.

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment. Our full fleet of heavy-duty trucks, snow plows, skid-steer loaders and complementary snow removal equipment operate around the clock to clear your property. We have mechanics on staff, and our professionals are specially trained to operate snow removal equipment.

  • Safety & Liability. Who’s liable for damage or accidents caused by snow and ice? Klausing Group carries adequate insurance and employs team members who understand how to safely operate equipment.

  • Response Time. Weather is temperamental, and winter preparation requires constant monitoring for storms. Klausing Group always has a dedicated scout on site, regardless if there’s snow to push. We take full responsibility for monitoring site conditions before, during and after a storm. Because of this, we respond immediately with pre-storm treatments and ongoing snow removal. Our tight routes and experienced crews mean faster cycles times. That means your Klausing Group snow crew will return in a timely manner to keep your property clear and safe.

Count On Klausing Group to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe

Snow and ice removal is a safety business. Let’s talk about how a site-specific snow and ice management program can reduce liability on your Kentucky property. Find out what should be included in a snow and ice removal contract.

To learn more, call us today in Lexington at 859.254.0762 or Louisville at 502.264.0127. Or, contact us here online.


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