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Complex Landscape Construction Projects Demand Big Capability. We’re Prepared to Deliver.

As a construction manager or general contractor, it’s not your job to teach your landscape contractor the high compliance standards and operating procedures unique to the commercial construction realm. You’ve got better things to do than train them in on how to navigate the industry’s demanding communication system and detailed paper trails. And you shouldn’t have to hunt them down when you have something important to communicate or police them into delivering quality work safely and on time.

Your time is more valuable than that. You need a landscape construction contractor who speaks your language, will minimize risk on the job, and shoulder their part of the project with ease so you can be free to do yours.

Reliable Commercial Landscape Construction: Kentucky

We understand your need for a reliable partner who can offer not only landscape construction skills, but also the certifications, communication skills, and project management experience to help you meet your quality and timeline goals every time—no matter how complex or demanding the project.

Over the years, Klausing Group has earned the reputation for being north central Kentucky’s premier landscape, hardscape, and green infrastructure construction company. 

We Do Our Job So You Can Do Yours

If you are looking for a Kentucky landscape construction contractor who understands the intricacies of a large-scale commercial construction project and does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, let’s talk.

Call us for a consultation in Lexington at 859.254.0762 or Louisville at 502.264.0127. Or, contact us here with questions or request a proposal.

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