A Saturated Spring Means Dead Plants in Summer

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: Jun 5, 2018 11:35:00 AM

It’s the gift that keeps on giving: this year’s record breaking wet spring (nearly 170% above normal) is likely to linger on into the summer when it comes to its effects on the landscape. Why? Because wet spring weather creates perfect conditions for root rot and other problems. Left untreated, these can begin to damage or even kill plants when the weather turns hot and dry, leaving your commercial property looking less than attractive throughout the summer and fall.

6 Reasons Your Commercial Irrigation Water Bill Is Out Of Control

Authored by: Ryan Donahue, Account Manager, Louisville

Posted: May 15, 2018 9:35:00 AM

Irrigation systems are one of the largest expenses involved in commercial landscape management. Most property managers we know agree it’s well worth the expense to achieve a lush, beautiful landscape so their property makes a great first impression and looks its best at all times. However, there is no sense in spending more than necessary on your irrigation system.  

Problematic Turf Areas Every Kentucky Property Manager Has To Deal With

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: May 3, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Want to see eyes roll and heads shake? Just walk into a room full of Kentucky property managers and mention grass problems.

Many people believe lush, green turf is the hallmark of a healthy landscape—and grass is such a simple-looking plant, it doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult to maintain. However, as we shall see, turf care on commercial properties is more challenging than it looks. If you have been struggling with turf grass issues that just won’t go away, don’t feel bad. You are not alone, not by a long shot. Damaged turf is one of the most frustrating aspects of landscape maintenance in Kentucky. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

5 Ways your Landscaping Vendor Reflects on your Company (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

Authored by: Luke Tedder

Posted: Mar 27, 2018 8:30:00 AM

The appearance and condition of your commercial landscape says volumes about your company. Well-maintained grounds present a clear first impression of competence and pride in doing things right. However, your choice of landscape vendor extends beyond just finding someone to keep the grass mowed and the trees trimmed. The way your grounds maintenance company does business reflects on your company in many ways. Not all of these may be immediately apparent, so it’s important to consider the following points when selecting a commercial landscape services provider for your company.

4 Things Property Managers Need To Do This Spring for a Successful Summer Landscape

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: Feb 27, 2018 8:07:00 AM

Few things reflect better on a property than a well-maintained summer landscape. Whether you have a retail parking lot, an outdoor break area for employees, or a more extensive campus, having healthy, properly weeded and trimmed trees, plants, and turf makes your customers and employees feel welcomed and safe.

Successful summer landscaping in Kentucky starts in spring. Taking proactive measures right away when the warm season starts will prevent many problems and reduce summer landscape maintenance costs.

Here are four things property managers should add to their to-do lists this spring to ensure a healthy landscape throughout the summer season: