How Landscape Industry Certified Programs Have Impacted The Careers of Klausing Group Employees

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: Jun 05, 2018

As a company, Klausing Group is firmly dedicated to delivering the highest value possible to our clients. We are also aware that “you can’t read the label from the inside of the bottle”—it’s difficult if not impossible to achieve the highest standards of excellence without objective outside feedback. For this reason, we view third party certification as an essential quality assurance tool.

Women in Landscaping: Klausing Group’s Angie Stevens

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: May 24, 2018

While we now live in a world where women are consistently occupying—and excelling at—jobs in many fields once considered solely male territory, certain industries are still primarily dominated by men. Landscaping is one of them, but here in northern Kentucky, Klausing Group’s Angie Stevens is bucking the trend.

Lexington Tree Board's New Interim Chair

Authored by: Roscoe Klausing

Posted: Mar 30, 2018

Dan Stever, Klausing Group’s Director of Education and Outreach, has been elected as Lexington Tree Board's interim chair. The Tree Board is a champion of trees and their environmental, economic and social benefits for our community. The board advises public and private organizations on matters of care, preservation, planting, removal and replacement of trees in parks, along streets, in public areas and throughout the community.

Klausing Group Culture Spotlight: Spring Into Action

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: Mar 13, 2018

Spring is in the air, and that means action at Klausing Group. One of the most critical things we do to prepare for the landscaping season ahead is to take every step to prepare every one of our employees to represent our company safely and well. We have a specific, well-orchestrated way of doing this each year: a hands-on training event we call Spring Into Action.

Klausing Culture Close Up: Why This Employee Sold His Business to Join Klausing Group

Authored by: Dan Stever

Posted: Feb 13, 2018

“Don’t play leapfrog with a unicorn.”

Luke Tedder says this with a smile, but underneath his joking exterior lies a wry recognition that the magical allure of running one’s own business can hide a certain sharp reality that isn’t always fun and games.

It’s a reality Luke is more than happy to put behind him. Luke came to Klausing Group after running his own commercial and residential grounds maintenance and snow removal business for six years. His company had employed two full time as well as two seasonal employees, and was pulling in $200K-$250K annually.