Production Manager

At Klausing Group, we take great pride in delivering on our company promises in order to build strong client relationships and protect our brand. To accomplish this goal, we utilize a team structure and approach where Account Managers and Production Managers work together to ensure that we deliver a quality product in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

In our service delivery model the Account Manager faces the client and is responsible for the client relationship including:

    • Communication with Clients
    • Sales:
      • Enhancements
    • Issues Resolution
    • Quality Control through Landscape Scouting
    • Safety and Leadership

The Production Manager faces our crews and is responsible for the development of team members and execution of contract services:

    • Safety of our Crews and Clients
    • Communication with Team Members
    • Crew Development
    • Hiring, discipline, and termination of their crews
    • Equipment Allocation and Control (Trucks, Trailers, Equipment Training)
    • Purchasing of contract materials and hand tools
    • Production Efficiency
    • Issue Resolution
    • Quality Control through Service Audits

When the team approach is working well, we should achieve the following objectives:

Happy Clients

Crews that are well trained and operating safely

Proud and Excited Team

Efficient and Profitable Work

Hope for the future

In order for the team approach to work well, it is important that we keep open communication lines between AM’s and PM’s and to ensure that we all support our crews in order to help them be successful.  Managers know the value of leading by example.

Reports To:  Grounds Division Head. Team member with Account Managers

Overall Responsibility: Responsible for insuring the successful operations of a portfolio of accounts including:  Budget Control, Delivery of Quality Product, Hiring, Training, Reviews, Discipline, and Termination of Production Staff, Safety and Equipment Allocation and Assignment

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Safety- Insure that all safety policies of company are enforced.  Report and record all safety incidents with Klausing Group’s safety coordinator.  
  • Developing a successful team beginning with interviews and job offers, continuing with training and reviews, and including discipline and termination when necessary
  • Manage Morning Dispatch of your crews and proper End-of-day Procedures
  • Weekly Production Meetings with key personnel
  • Budget Management/Scheduling- Work with DH to maximize crew routes and hours management. Modify routes based on new work and cancellations. Build production plans on each property to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Budget Management/Materials and Tools – Work with DH to manage budgets for contract materials and crew tools.  Coordinate with DH for logistics of ordering and delivery.
  • Quality – Conduct regular Service Audits on all properties.  Train crews to help them achieve Klausing Group’s standards of quality.  
  • Issue Resolution – Work closely with AMs to resolve all issues in accordance with Klausing Group’s issue resolution process.
  • Job Start Process- Work with sales and AMs to carry out proper new job set up.
  • Monitor Daily Crew Performance
  • Manage crew equipment inventory and repair issues.
  • Enforce Company Standards. i.e. Uniforms, Fleet, Equipment, Facility
  • 24 Hour Snow and Ice removal

Keys to Success:

  • Safety, Quality, Production Control
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Crew Training & Execution of Quality
  • Crew Retention
  • Job Start Up process execution
  • Regular Site Visits with Crews
  • Service Audit Scores
  • Incidents - # and cost
  • Issue Resolution – Hours open
  • Manage Routes and Labor daily
  • Budget vs. Actual Labor Hours and $
  • Budget vs. Actual Materials and Equipment
  • Work with AM’s in your territory to carry out team approach to delivering Klausing Group’s level of service
  • Crew Route Sheets/Schedule
  • Labor Hours Efficiency Reports from BOSS
  • New Employee Onboarding Process
  • New Client Onboarding Process
  • Crew Disciplinary and Termination Policy



  • 3 years of experience plus a bachelor degree in horticulture or a related field
  • OR 5 years of experience plus successful completion of a professional industry certification such as Landscape Industry Certified or Certified Arborist
  • Valid KY driver license
  • DOT medical examiner’s certificate
  • Pesticide operator license category O3
  • Basic (CPR inclusive) first aid certification
  • Basic blood borne pathogens certification
  • Ability to lift up to fifty (50) pounds
  • Ability to work in inclement weather
  • Ability to walk all day

Compensation – Salary-Exempt:

  • Base salary of $30,000- $50,000


  • Simple IRA
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Paid Time-Off
  • Seven (7) Paid holidays
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Training/Education
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Mobile phone provided
  • Direct deposit

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