Environmental Leadership in Kentucky

Dan Stever on Jun 16, 2016

    Klausing Group is proud to announce that we are now a member of the Kentucky Excellence In Environmental Leadership program (KY EXCEL).  This program, through the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, is open to commercial businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and homeowners.  The power of KY EXCEL can be seen in the diveristy of its membership, which includes East Kentucky Power, Fayette County Public Schools, Jim Beam, and Lexmark to name just a few. With more than 180 members, this like-minded communityKyExcelLogoFinalLo-res.jpg of environmental leaders has collectively achieved the following:

  • Recycled enough scrap metal to make 12,135 cars
  • Recycled electronic waste equivilent to 42,389 computers
  • Recycled aluminum equivilent to almost three 747 jet airliners
  • Planted 123,267 trees and reduced carbon dioxide by 2,958 tons
  • Saved enough electricity to power 1,160 homes for one year
  • Saved enough natural gas to supply all Kentuckians for 17 months
    There are various levels of membership, and it is free to join at the Advocate level.  The basic requirement is to declare an environmental improvement project, and then submit a report to KY EXCEL once the project is completed.  We are excited to contribute through providing sustainable services to our customers, hosting community educational programs, and donating services to local non-profit organizations.  Please visit their website if you are interested in learning more:  http://dca.ky.gov/kyexcel/Pages/default.aspx 


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