Klausing Group Achieves Major Safety Milestone

Klausing Group on Jun 01, 2020

June 1, 2020 | Lexington, KY: On this first day of National Safety Month, Klausing Group announced that the commercial landscape maintenance company has successfully worked 3 years without a lost time accident as of the close of business on May 27, 2020.

This announcement comes in the wake of one of the greatest safety challenges the world has faced, the Covid-19 pandemic. Klausing Group’s culture of safety first and the strength of its safety program provided the framework to support it's essential workers, serve it's customers, and achieve this safety milestone during the pandemic.

“Our focus on providing a safe work environment for our staff has played a critical role in shaping our company’s culture. Our approach differentiates us from our competitors and creates a real benefit for our employees.”

– Roscoe Klausing, President & CEO

This news is just one of many recent safety accomplishments of the company including:

  • Achieving a 3 year average worker’s comp experience modifier of 0.76
  • Completing 1 year of the NALP Safe Company program
  • Working 8 months with no personal injury

“These achievements would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our entire staff who are reminded daily that we have a personal responsibility to ensure that everyone goes home safe. Every day.”

– Trenton Noel, Branch Manager

For more information about Klausing Group’s safety record and culture of safety, visit www.klausinggroup.com, call Tabby Garvin, human resources manager, at 859-254-0762, or email tgarvin@klausinggroup.com.

About Klausing Group

The idea for the Klausing Group was formed in 1992 by two teenage brothers on a mission to buy a car. They started with a lawnmower and some fliers promising that “we’ll cut class to cut your grass.” Eventually, they cut enough grass to buy the car. And they kept going. The company mission has since evolved, and Klausing Group has become an industry leader redefining what your landscaping should do for your business, your neighbors, and the environment.

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