Klausing Group Offers Safe Slope Mowing Service

Klausing Group on Jun 12, 2020


[Louisville, KY]: Klausing Group today announced its latest landscape maintenance service offering, slope mowing. Maintaining steep slopes and embankments has long been a challenge for asset and facility managers who seek to balance the need for well-

manicured grounds and the safety and well-being of their maintenance staff or landscape contractors.

“We’re very excited to offer this new service that no other landscape contractor in Kentucky is providing,” says Roscoe Klausing, president at Klausing Group. “Slope and embankment mowing are often provided at the expense of an equipment operator’s safety. By investing in specialized slope mowing equipment, we can better serve our customers while protecting the health and safety of our staff.”

Features and benefits of slope mowing include:

  • Safely maintain embankments, dams, berms, and hillsides with slopes up to 60 degrees
  • Flail mower cutting deck provides more uniform, higher quality cut than slopes maintained with string trimmers
  • Radio control technology allows operators to remain safe and adhere to your organization’s safety policies

Slope mowing services are available starting June 15, 2020. For more information about slope mowing, visit www.klausinggroup.com, call Luke Tedder, business developer, at 859-254-0762, or email ltedder@klausinggroup.com. To view a video of slope mower applications, visit Klausing Group’s You Tube Channel.

About Klausing Group

The idea for the Klausing Group was formed in 1992 by two teenage brothers on a mission to buy a car. They started with a lawnmower and some fliers promising that “we’ll cut class to cut your grass.” Eventually, they cut enough grass to buy the car. And they kept going. The company mission has since evolved, and Klausing Group has become an industry leader redefining what your landscaping should do for your business, your neighbors, and the environment.

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