How to Hire a Pro

Roscoe Klausing on Aug 28, 2015 5:58:00 AM

As property managers in Lexington and Louisville begin to prepare their budgets for the coming year, it’s common to accept bids from multiple landscape companies.

Much emphasis is placed on the ability to compare bids, “apples to apples.” The best way to achieve this is to create written job scopes and specifications that are supported by property maps and a property tour. But don’t stop there. Follow these tips provided by the National Association of Landscape Professionals to help select the right landscape contractor for you.


How to Hire a Pro

Taking care of your landscape is important to you. A well-maintained landscape around office buildings brings increased customer traffic.A well-kept yard increases the value or your home and provides a relaxing space to interact with friends and family.  

Many homeowners and businesses hire professional lawn care and landscape companies because it saves time, takes away the guesswork, and protects their investment. 

To hire a quality landscape or lawn care contractor near you, use our Hire A Pro Database. 

Here are a few tips you can use to hire a quality landscape or lawn care company:

Ask how long has the company been in business and the experience level of its staff. Professional landscape companies should have employees with either a secondary education in the field or several years of experience. In addition, professional companies are most often active members in national associations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals or state associations. Affiliation indicates that a company is interested in excellence, safety, and best practices. Ask the firm for a list of references and professional affiliations or check its website.

Select a landscape company that is licensed, accredited, or certified. If required by state law, the company should be licensed. This license will assure you that the contractor is accountable, and that the company is operating legally. Ask them if they have staff that are Landscape Industry Certified. A certified individual has proven experience, skills, and knowledge. Continuing education is necessary to maintain their certification.

Ask about the company's safety record and practices. Good companies put safety first through extensive training, power equipment certification and safety meetings. NALP members participate in a safe company program called STARS. For a list of member companies, visit the STARS webpage.

Check their work. Visit a job in progress. Ask to see a project that will be similar to the work you want to do. You want to hire a company that does good work, and reflects professionalism and integrity. Examine the quality of the job, and see if the crews appearance and job presence are acceptable.

Ask the company to provide a written plan and/or contract. Prior to making any agreement, have the landscape contractor, designer, and/or architect prepare the details in writing. This plan can include the design, plant material to be used, all costs, a time table, and the terms of payment.

Click here to search for National Association of Landscape Professional member companies and companies with Landscape Industry Certified staff in your area. Professionals who want more information about NALP, click here.

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