Leveraging Expertise: How To Get More Value From Your Grounds Management Partner

Dan Stever on Sep 23, 2016 6:08:00 AM

There’s a lot of talk about “value” in the business world—the importance of providing value and delivering value. But what do we really mean when we speak about getting value from a ground management partner? How should your commercial landscape contractor deliver value? What expectations should you have for this vendor relationship?

At Klausing Group, we talk a lot about creating landscapes that do more.

We’re referring to your opportunity to have a landscape that reduces water use, protects stormwater systems, and contributes toward restoring a natural habitat in our urban environments. That is not asking too much of your landscape. We believe a high-functioning landscape that “gives back” should be your expectation as a facility manager.


To accomplish this, you need a partner. Why do we hire attorneys to handle legal matters and accountants to manage the books? Because they are professionals in those lines of work and bring their expertise to our businesses. The same is true for grounds management. You can add value in your company’s supply chain by engaging an experienced commercial grounds management provider whose business philosophy and values align with your own.

Your landscape provider should:

  • Support your company’s sustainability efforts
  • Improve overall safety on your property
  • Create opportunities to enhance the quality of living in your community

All of this is called asking your landscape to do more—and asking your commercial landscape provider to deliver more. What we’re saying is, a true partner does so much more than cut grass. So, let’s talk specifically about what we mean by a grounds management provider adding value to the supply chain at your company. Grounds Management Partners Should Improve Safety

Before hiring a commercial landscape contractor, ask about best practices for ensuring safety. Safety includes product use, and also extends to equipment and workplace safety. Be sure your grounds management partner has rigorous training in place for employees. They should hold appropriate insurance and licensing. Klausing Group actively searches for ways to remove carcinogens from our efforts. Find out what your landscape provider is doing to address the safety of our environment, their people, your employees and customers—anyone who steps foot on your property.


Ask about the grounds management firm’s safety rating. Where do they stand with workers’ compensation claims? Their internal efforts to reduce risk will result in making your property a safer place. That’s what we mean by partnership and adding to the value chain.

Promoting Corporate Responsibility

Roof3.jpgYour grounds management provider can add value by decreasing your footprint on the environment. For example, we switched from higher-nitrogen fertilizers to a less volatile formula. (Did you know that by using the wrong type of nitrogen, more of the formula will volatilize and then leach into groundwater and drain into storm sewers?)

Can your grounds management partner report on the impact it has (or doesn’t have!) while providing services on your property? We encourage you to find out. Because true partners support each other’s missions, and that includes efforts to improve safety.

Your Property Can Enhance The Community

Adding value to a company’s supply chain includes providing reports that assist with budgeting and decision-making. (Check out our tools.) When your grounds management provider is a true partner, they deliver measurable results that you can see and feel at the bottom line. Their efforts touch your company’s mission. Their desire to be a community steward enriches your own efforts to do more for others.

Partners create value by leveraging each other’s strengths and influence in the community. Partners deliver results by contributing their talents to drive forward a common cause.

Build A Landscape With A Grounds Management Co. That Does More

Your landscape provider should be doing all of this for your organization.

Remember, your landscape is a reflection of who you are as a business. It shows how you care for clients, visitors, employees and the community. Let’s talk more. We’re pretty passionate about this topic.

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