Becoming Green Check Certified - Silver Level

Dan Stever on Nov 03, 2017

There is a difference between the services a company provides and how a company runs its business. As a commercial landscape provider, we know how to create and manage landscapes that do more, but we needed help to change how we run our business and become more sustainable behind the scenes. The Green Check certification program provided the tools and the guidance to help us become a more sustainable business. In 2017, Klausing Group became Green Check certified at the Silver level.20170928_161221_resized.jpg

What is the Green Check Certification Program?

From : Green Check is a free certification program that provides businesses and organizations with resources they need to become more sustainable. Organizations have the opportunity to join the Green Check program free of charge by committing to focus on sustainability efforts in the areas of waste reduction, energy efficiency, and / or water quality. Members of the program can achieve higher levels of certification (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) by earning minimum scores on our Green Check sustainability assessment. Organizations that earn certification can see benefits in their branding and marketing strategies, cost savings, higher revenue generation, employee retention and satisfaction, and customer loyalty within their communities. All tiers of the Green Check Certification program, and all resources provided to organizations as part of the program are completely free within Fayette County.


What was Klausing Group’s experience during the Certification Process?

We found the certification process to be straight-forward and well supported through Green Check representatives. They provided an initial consultation to explain the program, review the score card, and help determine which qualifications we may have already completed. Klausing Group began the program knowing we wanted to achieve Silver status, and we were provided advice and guidance as to how best to achieve our goal.Capture.jpg

Everyone we worked with was responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. It took us a little over 6 months from first consultation to certification. One of the benefits (besides becoming more sustainable) was how the program helped us engage more of our employees in our sustainability efforts.


What were Klausing Group’s projects?

Green infrastructure is our specialty, and the systems we have on display at our property contributed many points to our certification. Where the scorecard really helped us was in creating policies focused on sustainable practices (like recycling efforts and purchasing decisions). Visit here for a listing of our green initiatives.


What’s next?

Our current Silver level certification lasts for 3 years during which time we will be working towards attaining Gold level certification. The scorecard is a great resource for charting our course towards greater sustainability. And not every project has to be a huge life changing project, quite the opposite really. It’s more about getting lots of little things right, like installing low-flow faucets and motion sensors on light switches and changing our bulbs to LEDs. Sustainability is a path we choose to walk and not a destination as there will always be more we can do.

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