Klausing Group Joins the NALP Safe Company Program

Klausing Group on Jun 04, 2019

June 1, 2019 | Lexington, KY: The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is pleased to announce the addition of Klausing Group as a participant in the NALP Safe Company Program. The Safe Company Program is a safety initiative developed by NALP and sponsored by Rancho Mesa Insurance Services to assist landscape and lawn care companies in their efforts to provide a safe work environment.

 Participants sign the Safe Company Pledge that commits them to maintaining an active safety program within their company.  Professional companies make safety a priority and they take an active role through safety training and investigation and documentation of job-related injuries.  They also pledge to participate in the NALP Safety Recognition Awards Program and are asked to comply with all OSHA postings and other regulatory requirements.

 “Our focus on providing a safe work environment for our staff has played a critical role in shaping our company’s culture. Our approach differentiates us from our competitors and it creates a real benefit for our employees, who go home unharmed day after day. With June being National Safety Month, it was a great time to reaffirm our commitment and take another step forward with our safety program.” – Roscoe Klausing, President & CEO

 For more information about the NALP Safe Company Program, visit landscapeprofessionals.org, call NALP at 800-395-2522, or email safeco@landscapeprofessionals.org.

 About Klausing Group

Since 2001, Klausing Group has served the needs of commercial property managers and facility managers by designing, installing, and managing landscapes in Kentucky. With offices in Lexington and Louisville, they serve over 200 sites weekly. Their workforce is one of the most experienced, licensed, and certified in the industry and their focus on high performance landscapes is changing the way the industry views landscaping’s purpose.

 About NALP

The National Association of Landscape Professionals represents an industry that employs nearly 1 million landscape, lawn care, irrigation and tree care professionals who create and maintain healthy green spaces for the benefit of society and the environment. For more information, visit LoveYourLandscape.org.

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