How To Prepare Your Property For The First Snowfall

Dan Stever on Oct 31, 2017 9:15:00 AM

With the way temperatures fluctuate in Central Kentucky during this time of year, we’re officially into the season where one day it could be balmy—and the next day, snow flurries could start flying. Are you prepared for the first snowfall?

#1 First Thing’s First: Sign A Contract!

pexels-photo-261664-224816-edited.jpegOut of sight, out of mind tends to be the way some property owners think of snow removal. So rather than preparing for winter by signing a snow and ice removal contract in advance, some facilities managers wait until they see snow falling—not a good idea. Here’s why: Snow contracts are first come, first serve because capacity is limited. Our snow routes are built to ensure properties are serviced by 7 a.m. (depending on when snow begins falling), and there are only so many hours in the day to meet this goal deadline. We rent equipment well in advance of the season—so if your property is not part of a snow route, we may not have the equipment available to meet your snow and ice removal needs. Also, we train a dedicated staff that is assigned to snow removal routes, and we are careful about who we hire for these intense jobs. They must be experienced, responsible and have a good understanding of our equipment, deicing products, logistics and operating procedures. We don’t call in just any subcontractor to handle a snow removal route, and there’s a limit to what our highly-trained crews can handle.

The Take-Away: Sign a snow removal contract early, ideally in early fall. This way, you can rest assured your property will be clear and safe when the first snow arrives. If you don’t sign a contract before snow falls, we will not be able to clear your property the same day you call. We may get to it the following day and work your property into the schedule—if there is the capacity to do so. (Why take the risk?) The bottom line: If you want the best snow contractor, plan ahead.

#2 Create A Snow Map And Service Plan

Every property owner who signs a snow removal contract with Klausing Group receives a snow map and service plan, which provides a detailed illustration of your property and prioritizes areas to be cleared. For example, many properties have high-priority areas, such as by entrances and exits, employee and customer parking lots, or loading docks. Also, many commercial properties include lower-priority spaces, such as overflow parking. A service plan not only identifies priority areas, but also details the level of service for every area of the property. We address issues including where snow should be piled (or whether it should be removed from the site). We also note the days and times of service. Some properties receive service on a 24/7 basis. Other properties want snow removal services Monday through Friday, or only during certain hours of the day.

a clean church parking lot

The Take-Away: By understanding your expectations before the first snowfall, we can be sure our crews are prepared and the proper equipment is allocated to deliver the level of service outlined in your agreement.

#3 Put Out Snow Markers

Before the first snowfall, we identify all curbs, speed bumps and other obstacles like protruding drains. We mark those so our snowplows do not damage your property—and so our equipment does not take a hit from these obstacles when they are covered by snow. (When our equipment needs repaired, this means it is not on site clearing your property.) We use the snow map and service plan when scouting the property so we can make additional notes on your record. We detail on the map where reflective poles are placed. This map is provided in a digital and print version for our records of your property.


The Take-Away: Putting reflective snow markers in the ground might seem easy, but it actually takes time and careful planning. Not to mention, every property with a snow removal contract must be marked before the first snow. By planning ahead, you can rest assured this important task is taken care of before the first snowfall.

#4 Stage Snow Removal Equipment

Some snow removal contracts involve storing equipment on site for immediate response. Therefore, equipment must be acquired and staged on the property before the first snowfall. We must rent the appropriate equipment for the property based on the snow removal service contract selected. Equipment is staged on site and tested to ensure it is operating at an optimum level. (We never wait until the first snowfall to start up equipment for the first time.)

staged snow equipment

The Take-Away: All necessary equipment must be staged so our crews can be prepared for immediate response once the first snowfall happens.

Plan Ahead—Secure Your Snow Removal Contract Today

Don’t get caught with a parking lot full of snow and no plan for removing it! Secure a snow removal contract now, before the first snowfall. This way, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your property will be safe and clear once the snow starts flying. Check out our free Guide to Snow Removal in Lexington and Louisville. Contact us any time in Lexington at 859-254-0762 and Louisville at 502-264-0127. Or, fill out this simple form and request a proposal.

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