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Hidden behind the industrial zone of Old Frankfort Pike is a green gem and the birthplace of Lexington, McConnell Springs Park.  Originally settled and named Lexington by William McConnell in 1775, the 26 acre park wasn’t officially formed until...

We’ve measured a lot of different things in our business over the last 23 years.

What we measure is always changing. Our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are always being tweaked. Our metrics often get replaced by another metric slightly more...

In case you missed it, Klausing Group was featured in this month's issue of National Association of Landscape Professionals Magazine. Follow this link to view the full story...


Lots of people ask me if I started Klausing Group. I did. But my love for lawn care and landscaping began long ago.

I couldn't have been more than ten years old when I realized how much I loved mowing grass. That’s really where this romance began.

Lexington, KY, August 19, 2015– Dallis Crowe II, Kyle Frueh, Dwight Hammons, Russell Riddell, and Luke Tedder have earned the Landscape Industry Certified credential.

We have written frequently about the plight of the Monarch and what we can do as individuals to help this beloved species flourish once again.  On Saturday July 11th, Klausing Group was

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