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As property managers in Lexington and Louisville begin to prepare their budgets for the coming year, it’s common to accept bids from multiple landscape companies.

Much emphasis is placed on the ability to compare bids, “apples to apples.” The best...

If it seems as though pests and diseases in the Lexington and Louisville landscape have become more problematic, it is more than just anecdotal conjecture.  Researchers have docume

There is a traditional tale of a child asking her mother why she always cut the end off of her roasts. The mother replied, “Well, that’s the way my mother always prepared her roasts.” When the

Take a look around Lexington and Louisville landscapes this Spring and you’ll notice plants flowering almost a full month later than normal, and by the end of April several tree

Gracefully flittering on vibrant wings from flower to flower, the Monarch Butterfly is perhaps the most celebrated and iconic of our garden visitors.  Nearly everyone has experienced the joy and wo

Late last week the Courier-Journal ran a story about a dispute between a Metro Louisville community and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). The City of Rolling Fields recently funded a $17,000 street tree planting project along a section of...

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