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You want your commercial landscape to make a statement and help you reach your goals — whether that’s increasing retail traffic, becoming more sustainable or simply setting your property apart from the rest.

One big way to do that (and make your...

Trees can bring a lot to your site, from adding shade and curb appeal to increasing your customer visits. Beyond their aesthetic value, trees are also a much-needed natural resource, especially here in Kentucky.

Louisville and Lexington each have...

Landscaping in the Bluegrass is an adventure from year to year.  Sometimes we have snow in March, and other years we begin mowing lawns in March.  Even the bloom time of flowers can change yearly.  This year’s warm weather has not only the flowers...

Kentucky is blessed with four seasons, giving our landscapes four distinct personalities. Spring gets us excited with a cleanup of winter debris, fresh mulch, and the emergence of flowers.

If it seems as though pests and diseases in the Lexington and Louisville landscape have become more problematic, it is more than just anecdotal conjecture.  Researchers have docume

There is a traditional tale of a child asking her mother why she always cut the end off of her roasts. The mother replied, “Well, that’s the way my mother always prepared her roasts.” When the

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