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How do you know who is the best at something? Is it based on a survey, public opinion, awards, revenue or some other abstract measurement?

Much of deciding who or what is the best can be subjective, but there are some concrete benchmarks you can use...

The one-size-fits-all approach is never a good selling point when choosing a commercial landscaping company in Lexington, KY.

Your property’s needs are unique, so it’s important to find a landscape provider that can meet your requirements, whether...

Kentucky is blessed with four seasons, giving our landscapes four distinct personalities. Spring gets us excited with a cleanup of winter debris, fresh mulch, and the emergence of flowers.

The landscape industry has been good to Klausing Group and we’re dedicated to leaving the industry a more professional, sustainable industry than when we found it.

As property managers in Lexington and Louisville begin to prepare their budgets for the coming year, it’s common to accept bids from multiple landscape companies.

Much emphasis is placed on the ability to compare bids, “apples to apples.” The best...

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